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ub+ Euphorn Alphorn S2 BT5.0 Speaker


Original price was: $2,680.00.Current price is: $2,280.00.


  • Orchas™ upgraded super bass​
  • 250 mm diameter dome​
  • Patented enclosure design​
  • aptX Bluetooth wireless technology that enables audio of CD-like quality​
  • Pure digital audio transmission and amplification that provides a near lossless delivery to the driver​
  • Wireless stereo pairing of two speakers through True Wireless Stereo (TWS)​
  • Power that can be supplied by a high capacity battery, ensuring the audio playback is crystal clear and free of all noise and be able to play music with dynamic changes confidently​
  • Volume reaching up to 93dB
  • Playback at moderate volume indoors can last up to an amazing 20 hours with the built in battery​



A new paradigm in speaker design
This is the best wireless speaker yet developed by ub+. We spent over a year putting our passion and effort, creating the next generation of phenomenal wireless audio product. Alphorn by ub+ is to have a beautifully crafted state-of-art design while looking, feeling and most importantly, sounding spectacular.

16 hrs Battery life
Binge watch your favorite movies from morning till night. Or bring our speakers to party from night till dawn. worry not if the battery will last, worry more if you will have enough stamina that lasts!

35 Hz Low base
Who needs a clunky subwoofer when a single speaker unit can already rule them all! Our patented enclosure design makes it possible for low frequency sound to pass through, delivers powerful bass output! Did we mention each speaker can delivers up to 93dB of sound?

True Wireless System (TWS)
True Wireless System (TWS) is a wireless technology that allows two speakers to connect, sync, and play audio simultaneously. Stream audio from your phone via Bluetooth/NFC and use TWS to double your audio output and play across bigger spaces!

Modular Wooden Tripod Stand with Base

Modular stand that comes in three different height adjustment.
~700mm, 475mm, and 250mm height


Driver:   (4” Bass +1.5” Tweeter) X2​
Output:  22 W + 22 W
Volume:  93 dB​
Frequency response:  38 Hz - 20 kHz​
Battery capacity:  2500 mAh​
Battery charging voltage:  10.8V DC
Battery charging time: 3 - 6 Hrs via USB-C cable charging
Playback time:  16 Hours​
Inputs:  3.5mm audio jack​
Bluetooth:  5.3
Dimensions:  248 x 250 x 250​ mm
Weight:  2.7 kg

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