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Sony LTO Universal Cleaning Cartridge


Original price was: $400.00.Current price is: $280.00.


  • Sony Universal cleaning tape for all LTO Ultrium drives
  • Approximately 15 - 50 cleaning cycles (drive dependent)
  • Supplied in individual polycase
  • Safely removes debris and contaminants
  • Helps preserve data integrity and extend drive life

Sony LTO cartridges are fully qualified for all LTO Ultrium drives in both stand-alone and automated systems. Advanced binder system minimizes tape and head wearAll LTO Drives require proper maintenance and head-cleaning using Sony LTO cleaning cartridge technology.

Sony's LTO Universal Cleaning Tape is engineered to safely remove read/write head contaminants from tape drives, reducing error rates due to debris buildup. Regular use of an LTO cleaning tape can improve data integrity and extend the life of your LTO Ultrium tape drive.

LTO Universal cleaning tapes are equipped with a computer memory chip (just like the data tape). The chip stores various information and it has an embedded code that is recognized by the compatible drive's firmware. Once the cleaning cartridge is used to capacity (15 - 50 uses, drive dependent), the drive will no longer accept the cleaning tape and will eject the tape, prohibiting further use.

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